An Introduction to New Energy Testing &
 Healing Discoveries – Recorded Webinar

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Course Description:

In this fascinating 2-hour free recorded lecture Dr Gilbert describes an amazing range of new discoveries in Vibrational Testing and Healing.
Topics of this Lecture include:

• The Vibrational Basis of all Classical Healing Systems, and their Hidden Interconnections.
• The Remarkable Discovery of the “Universal Vibrational Spectrum” by French Researchers in the early 1900’s (which uni es all Vibrational Healing Systems from around the World).
• Practical Methods to Detect and Apply Precise Healing Vibrations.
• Making Invisible Vibrational Waves Visible: Cymatics Discoveries and New Healing Applications.
• Modern Approaches to increasing Cellular Voltage to help recovery from Chronic Illness, for Physical Regeneration, and for Anti-Aging.
• Secrets of “Nature’s Design Language”: BioGeometry Discoveries from Egypt.
• The Vibrational Basis of Classical Systems of Healing with Minerals and Stones, and the Modern Reappearance of the (almost lost) Daoist Stone Medicine from China.



Video Lecture (Pre-Recorded)