Treating Chong Mai – Presented by Joan Duveen

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Course Description:

The Chong Mai is a vitally important component of the Extraordinary Vessel System. Understanding how to correctly apply treatments that access the Chong Mai, when applicable (determined through correct diagnostics), can have dramatic clinical results that assist clients on a deep level.

There are a variety of schools of thought on how to treat the Extraordinary Vessels. This seminar by Joan Duveen presents a brief but clinically relevant and complete understanding of the Chong Mai according to the concepts and methods of Joan’s primary teacher, Dr J.D. van Buren, as well as other significant teachers, and Joan’s unique clinical experience and research over several decades.

Online attendees will be able to instantly apply what they learn in the clinic.

Treating Chong Mai- Seminar Contents:

  • History of Chong Mai
  • Jing
  • Pulses
  • Chong Mai in the Classics
  • Treating Chong Mai:
    • Principles
    • Starting points of Chong Mai
    • Needle techniques
    • Master Point
    • Some other energetics of points of Chong Mai
  • Q+A

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