Vibrational Healing for Human Beings and the Earth: New Discoveries from Around the World – Recorded Webinar

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Course Description:

Topics discussed by Dr Gilbert in this free recorded lecture :

* Profound Vibrational Healing methods, from traditions all over the world.
* How specific minerals from the Earth are used by classical healing systems.
* The German discovery of Four Frequencies which human beings must receive from the Earth for optimal health (the Schumann resonance is the only one of the four which is currently known to the general public.)
* The Swiss system of GeoBiology, and its discovery of precise Earth Energy Grid Systems which exist in every location.
* How the Earth Energy Grids discovered in GeoBiology were known and used in Ancient Egypt and the Temple of Solomon.
* The Sacred Geometries of the Earth discovered in Russian and American research.
* The modern Egyptian science of BioGeometry: how to balance the human energy field alongside the energies of homes and offices, for optimal effects.
* Egyptian BioGeometry teachings: How the human being uses 7 different levels of natural Earth energy as fuel for maximum performance.



Video Lecture (Pre-Recorded)