FAQ – Online Learning

How long do I have access to online learning for?

Most of our courses have 365 days access. On completion of 365 days, you may renew the access for a small fee.

Does the course come with CPD and any certificate of completion?

The courses that are eligible for certification and CPD are clearly marked in the product description. On successful completion of course & quiz, a certificate is produced automatically in your browser and you may save it as an image file.

How long are the courses?

The courses range from 2 hours to longer duration. The actual duration is specified in course details.

What IT resources do I need to access the course?

Access to a web browser with the Internet is all you need to access our courses.

How do I access the courses?

An email is sent to you with your username and password and other details. Please login to www.qiology.com.au with your username and password.

These are the pages you may use to login >>

My Account link on the main menu.

Or “Online Learning Access” on Online Learning Menu.

Upon login, you can see the courses you have enrolled for and current status. Click on the course name to access your course.


How do I progress through the course?

Upon clicking the course, you will reach the course page where you can see all the course material. Please approach the course material sequentially. A green tick mark shows that a module is completed.

After you have downloaded the downloadable material and watched the videos, you may mark a module complete by clicking “Mark Complete” Button.

The modules that are already completed will be marked in green.

How do I get a certificate?

Most of the online courses have a quiz as the last module. When you progress through to the quiz, please complete the quiz and on completion, you will be shown a button to download your certificate as an image.

You may see the video below to see the entire course process.



have more questions?

We welcome your questions. Please write to us on “info@qiology.com.au” and we will be glad to provide you a solution.