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Qiology is the proud supplier of Kobayashi-rouho moxibustion products in Australia and New Zealand. Kobayashi-rouho is one of Japan’s premium moxa manufacturing companies, with a rich family history of moxa makers stretching back seven generations to the Edo Period (1603-1868).

At Qiology we are passionate about premium quality Japanese Moxa and have created a relationship with Kobayashi-rouho to make their superior artisan moxibustion products that are “made with soul” available to practitioners within Australia and New Zealand. It’s our honour to make the highest quality moxa on the market available to you.

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  • Kobayashi-rouho Shiunko (Moxa Ointment)

    This exclusive Kobayashi-rouho product is the perfect Shiunko (Moxa Ointment) for all of your direct moxibustion needs!
    The methods of Direct Moxibustion commonly use Shiunko to fulfil a number of important functions:
    1. To act as a barrier between direct moxa cones/grains/threads and the skin to protect the skin
    2. To assist in allowing the moxa cones/grains/threads to adhere to the Moxibustion Point(s)
    3. To soothe the skin.

    This particular Shiunko was originally formulated and manufactured by Kobayashi-rouho at the request of Master Moxibustionist Junji Mizutani.
    Mizutani requested a high quality product that did not contain lard (animal oil that is commonly used in many Shiunko recipes), and that had a perfect consistency for all moxibustion needs.  Kobayashi-rouho then created a superior product with traditional herbal ingredients, that is now the Shiunko of choice for many master practitioners.

    28 Grams per tub.

    Beeswax, Sesame Oil, Castor Oil, Artemisia, Angelica.
    Preservative Free
    Made in Japan

    As this product does not contain lard, it is considered a culturally sensitive product which is suitable for practitioners and patients who are not permitted to use this ingredient due to religious reasons.

    AU$ 36.30 including taxes + shipping as applicable

  • Miyabi Gold Moxa – Premium Level Direct Moxa

    Specially selected Premium Moxa. Perfect for thread or rice grain moxibustion.

    This Premium Level Direct Moxa is made from 100% wild-harvested Japanese Artemisia from Niigata Prefecture, refined to the utmost limit (finest 1% of processed raw leaf material) with amazingly fine cellulose creating amazing softness for perfect forming of rice grains or threads, and optimal burning conditions for effective direct moxibustion applications. This moxa is exclusively manufactured by Kobayashi-rouho in Japan, is produced with the utmost care and craftsmanship, and is the most refined grade of moxa available on the market (only a limited amount is produced annually). It is perfect for thread moxibustion that requires the most delicate technique, and all other rice grain moxibustion requirements.

    When only the best materials are required in your practice, this is the perfect direct moxa for you!
    This is the moxa of choice for many master practitioners.

    Available in a number of sizes, and with the option of a beautiful wooden display box to suit your clinic room perfectly.

    Size/Variation Paulownia Wood Box- 10g Moxa | Japanese Paper Box- 7g; 100g; 250g Moxa
    Type Miyabi Gold Moxa from Kobayashi-rouho
    Ingredients Japanese Artemesia
    Expiration date None
    Preservation Avoid High Temperature and Humidity
    Store at Normal Temperature


  • Japanese Murasaki Purple Incense

    Murasaki Purple Incense is optimally formulated for use in moxibustion and is an exclusive product of Kobayashi-rouho.
    Made on the island of Awaji in Japan with Japanese Tabu wood, this high-grade purple incense creates a pleasing contrast with the golden colour of high-quality moxa, and has a delicately sweet aroma that patients love. It has the perfect dimensions for moxibustion and a burn time of approximately 52 minutes per stick. This incense is thick, robust and does not break easily like some other incense varieties. There are other purple incenses on the market, but you will know the quality of this incense when you experience it (the vibrant purple colour exuded by this product is one method of differentiating it from other purple incenses on the market). Not all purple incenses are the same! The choice of many master practitioners.


    Size/Variation Individual Bundle | 5 Bundle Box | 25 Bundle Box
    Type Murasaki Purple Incense
    Sticks per Bundle  56 Sticks
    Dimension  140mm x 4mm
    Preservation Avoid High Temperature and Humidity
    Store at Normal Temperature