A Clinical Manual of Practical Oriental Medicine: Breakthrough: Integrated Synergy Therapeutics Vol. 1 By Dr. Masaaki Nakano, DOM and Mateo Bernal, DOM (139 Pages)

This book is the essential manual for anyone studying, or wishing to study Dr. Masaaki Nakano’s unique treatment method: Integrated Synergy Therapeutics. This book is also suitable for those wishing to understand and apply his unique treatment methods into their clinical practice, without undertaking formal studies.

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Additional description and information on IST

What is “Integrated Synergy Therapeutics (IST)?”

IST is a unique treatment system devised by Dr. Masaaki Nakano, whom over the past 25 years has integrated important concepts from Kiiko Matsumoto and the late Ryosuke Uryu, utilizing 2 core treatment methods to achieve rapid and effective clinical results:

Practical Acu-Zone Therapy

Practical Acu-Zone Therapy is a Palpation-Based Japanese Acupuncture method that achieves rapid clinical results for pain and internal conditions, treating both root and branch aspects of disorders simultaneously. Based on a deep understanding of the Acupuncture/Channel System, Dermatomes, the Autonomic Nervous System, the Brain Stem and Cranial Nerve functions, this treatment method divides the body into Zones, that are influenced by 25 specific acupuncture points, and therefore uses these acupuncture points alone to achieve its quick and effective results, commonly applying no more than 3-8 needles per treatment to provide a simple and clear healing message that the body can understand. The method also utilizes a gentle and unique “Synergetic Qi” needling technique that is based on the Japanese Hado/Resonance principle.

Vital Energy Muscle (VEM) Testing

Vital Energy Muscle (VEM) Testing is a unique testing method that bears similarity to O-Ring or Applied Kinesiology muscle testing, but is specifically utilized to accurately test and assist in determining the correct application of Chinese Herbal Medicine prescriptions, nutritional supplements and dietary advice, their precise required dosages, hierarchy of importance in comparison to each other, correct time of termination or modification (after effects have been obtained, and the body no longer needs the substance[s], or now requires another), and even the brand of product, by determining the body’s physical-energetic responses to which it finds the most favourable or unfavourable. In essence, this is a powerful method for accurately prescribing medicinal substances in clinical practice to achieve rapid results. VEM Test also allows the practitioner to diagnostically determine imbalanced organs and systems of the body, and how they progress with continuing treatment.

In combination, the abovementioned IST core treatment methods are quick to learn and take a time to master, but if practised diligently, they will allow you to achieve rapid and effective clinical results.