Paediatric Acupuncture: Childhood Development, Related Pathologies, Diagnostics & Treatment

Presented by Joan Duveen

7.5 Formal CPD Points

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Brisbane – October 12th (Sat) / Melbourne – November 9th (Sat)

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Paediatric Acupuncture: Childhood Development, Related Pathologies, Diagnostics & Treatment

1-day seminar

Being able to treat paediatric cases in clinic is an essential part of each Oriental Medicine Practitioner’s repertoire, however, there is limited education on this topic provided at an undergraduate level (and also relatively few options in continuing education) on how to diagnose and treat children, and the Chinese medicine philosophical basis of their developmental stages, which makes some practitioners less confident in ​treating paediatric cases. In this seminar, we will cover the developmental stages of children, from before birth through to the first years of development after birth. This will be explored in relationship with Chinese philosophy, the five phases/elements, some of the 8 Extraordinary Channels, and the philosophy of 10 Heavenly Stems (tiān gān). We will discuss a variety of cases, and provide live diagnosis & treatment demonstrations. It is the aim of the presenter that after this seminar, practitioners will feel confident enough to commence treating children in clinic, and that experienced practitioners will be able to enrich their style of treatment with the practical side of the ancient paradigms of Chinese philosophy.


  • The difference between diagnosing & treating adults in comparison to diagnosing & treating children
  • Some diagnostic tools focused on paediatric diagnosis
  • Treatment principles for Ji-blockage, bed-wetting and retained/lingering pathogenic factors
  • The influence of childhood development, which starts in utero, in relation to the 10 Heavenly Stems (tiān gān).
  • Which channels and 8 Extraordinary Channels are involved in the child’s development around birth
  • The influence of disrupted development on various conditions
  • The differences between a Ren Mai or Du Mai up-bringing
  • Demonstration of unique paediatric needling techniques
  • Live paediatric diagnosis and treatment demonstrations by the presenter

Joan’s thoughts on treating Children:

Working with children is a bliss.

Being a father (4) and grandfather (4) I have experienced how it is to raise children, to make mistakes, to feel proud, to be fearful and worry, to share the love and to follow and support growth and development. In 1987 I started working with children after being a student of Dr. J.D. van Buren and Julian Scott for several years. As from that moment, I never looked back. The contact with the children and their parents is challenging, pleasant and inspiring. But moreover, since that first day, I always felt myself energized after a day of treating children in clinic. This is a beautiful side effect for the practitioner, but it describes also, the splendid Yang Qi of children.

Of course not all children are the same, but in general, their energies are vivid, rapid and also sometimes unexpected. They want to be joyful and playful, open for change and for new things. They show their emotions without covering them and are honest about their feelings and thoughts. In short: You know what there is, and what you will get. On the other hand, they expect you to be in the moment, honest, sincere and cheerful but with the seriousness of an adult.

As a practitioner it is challenging, but also rewarding to treat them with these qualities. I hope that you will gain as much from treating children as I have in my years of clinical practice.



There is something about treating children that brings out warmth and kindness in people. This is certainly true of Joan, and it is always a pleasure to spend time with him discussing the differences and similarities in our approaches. There is always something to discuss, for of all the stems and branches practitioners that I know, Joan has the most experience. In addition to this, he is a keen observer. He is a very good teacher and always willing to share his experience.

By attending his course, not only will you learn practical skills, but you will also have an opportunity to learn from the wisdom he has acquired through some 35 years of treating children.

-Julian Scott

Author of the text: 

Acupuncture in the Treatment of Children


“Treat people not diseases” – Dr. J.D. van Buren


“Treating patients using a deep understanding of the application of Classical Chinese philosophy to achieve outstanding clinical results. This is the type of Classical Acupuncture/diagnostics you always thought you’d be studying when you first commenced your Chinese Medicine education…….”

Peter Scarselletti | Director of Qiology

About the Presenter

Joan Duveen

Joan Duveen, born in 1950, originally trained and worked as a physiotherapist in his own private clinic, in a health centre, until 1990. In these years he was also a teacher in anatomy, physiology and massage at a college for physiotherapy.

Joan commenced studying Chinese medicine in 1975. He graduated from the Dutch Society for Acupuncture, Holland in 1982, and he graduated with a B.Ac in 1986 at ICOM Holland and was personally invited by Dr van Buren to study at ICOM in England, where he completed his M.Ac in 1991.

He was a regular staff member at the International College of Oriental Medicine (ICOM), UK, for 16 years, teaching Chinese Medicine in years 3 and 4. During these years, and up until the death of Dr. van Buren, Joan was able to study and observe closely with Dr. van Buren. Joan sees it as his task to keep the legacy of Dr van Buren’s work alive. This involves the practical application of Chinese philosophy and the philosophical ideas of the Chinese calendar in the acupuncture clinic, particularly the philosophy of the Heavenly Stems & Earthly Branches.

He is a co-founder of the Study centre PaKua (Studiecentrum PaKua). This study centre organizes post-graduate courses in Philosophical Chinese medicine. After 13 years he resigned as chairman of Study centre Pakua, being convinced that the objectives of the organization continue to be propagated.

In 1992 Joan travelled to China with Dr van Buren and Pauline van Buren to visit the Colleges and hospitals of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Beijing, Chengdu, Hong Kong and Shanghai.

Besides being a practitioner in his private clinic in Holland, he has been an international presenter since 1987 in Chinese philosophy and acupuncture in Holland, England, Germany, Israel, Norway and Poland.

He is specialized in paediatrics (studied with Julian Scott), pulse diagnosis (studied with Dr. van Buren and Dr. L. Hammer and others), acupuncture according to the Five Elements and the philosophy of Stems & Branches, taking into account the constitutional energies by birth, based on the Chinese calendar, and has written several articles on these subjects in magazines for Chinese Medicine.

Apart from spending time with his wife, four children and four grandchildren, and when not teaching, Joan spends time studying Chinese Philosophy, Chinese Medicine, the use of the Yi Jing in the clinic, and keeping healthy with various spiritual and health practices.

As is required by National Law, we disclose that Joan Duveen is not a registered health professional within Australia.

To see more information on the Master Acupuncturist whom Joan continues the legacy of today, please read the information about Dr. van Buren below.

Who was Dr. Johannes Diedericus van Buren?

Dr. J.D. van Buren (27th Nov 1921- 12th May 2003 | 81 yrs) can be considered to be one of the 20th Century’s most important influences on Acupuncture in the West, who pioneered bringing it to the Western World particularly assisting with it’s educational development in England, Holland, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, and even Australia. After a very colourful personal history in his formative years, followed by studies in nursing, naturopathy, osteopathy and homoeopathy, van Buren began his personal studies in acupuncture in 1952. Many years later he trained under Dr. Jacques Lavier in England in 1966 alongside contemporary J.R. Worsley, and then continued with further studies in Taiwan under Master Wu Wei Ping in 1968, where he received his doctorate, and later, studied in Korea.

As the need arose, Dr. van Buren taught extensively around the world, and it was said that to observe him in the clinic was an inspirational experience for both students and patients alike. After receiving an original text: “System of A New Philosophy by Dualistic Monism” from Sino-Korean Dr. Chang Bing Li, Dr. van Buren made it his life’s work to preserve and develop “Stems & Branches Acupuncture,” a unique and traditional acupuncture treatment system that was banned during the Cultural Revolution in China. Dr. van Buren founded the International College of Oriental Medicine (ICOM) in 1974, which is renowned for turning out some of the most prominent acupuncture practitioners and educators in the world, such as Dr. Leon Hammer, Peter Firebrace, Peter Deadman, Peter van Kervel, Joan Duveen, Giovanni Maciocia and Roisin Golding.

At the time of his passing, Dr. van Buren had practiced acupuncture for almost 50 years and left an impressive legacy that is continued to this day.

For an article that does justice to the fascinating life of Dr. J.D. van Buren, please go to this link:


Seminat Content Preview from a recent interview with Joan Duveen



Which practitioners/students will benefit from taking this course?

  • Practitioners and students of acupuncture wishing to learn the foundations of paediatric diagnosis and acupuncture treatment.

  • Practitioners wishing to commence seeing paediatric cases in clinic.

  • Practitioners wishing to increase their effective clinical results in paediatric cases.

  • Practitioners and students wishing to gain a deeper understanding of the childhood developmental stages  in connection to Chinese Medicine theory and philosophy.

Regardless of which styles or systems of acupuncture you practice, you will benefit by integrating these Chinese paediatric acupuncture methods into your clinical repertoire.

Paediatric Acupuncture: Childhood Development, Related Pathologies, Diagnostics & Treatment

1-day seminar

Available in: Brisbane and Melbourne


Oct 12th (Sat)- Brisbane

Nov 9th (Sat) – Melbourne

Time:  9am-6pm (please arrive at 8:30 – 8:45am)
Duration: 7.5 Contact Hours
CPD: 7.5 Formal CPD Points

Morning & Afternoon tea provided, suitable for those with dietary restrictions.

Please provide your own lunch, or purchase lunch at a suitable location nearby.



The Bryden Room at the Ramada by Wyndham Brisbane Windsor Hotel,

16 Bryden Street, Windsor QLD 4030

Parking available at the Hotel and surrounding streets.

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Melbourne- CBD Location to be advised soon




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