Palpation Diagnostics & Order of Treatment in Clinically Effective Japanese Acupuncture

Two-Day Special Topics Seminar | TWOMNSS 2019 – Presented by Tsuyoshi Shimamura

No Prerequisite

15 Formal CPD Points

CPD approved/pre-approved by AACMA | Acupuncture NZ | NZASA

Sydney (Australia): Mon 25th – Tues 26th February 2019

Auckland (NZ): Fri 1st – Sat 2nd March 2019


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Qi > Blood > Water:Palpation Diagnostics & Order of Treatment in Clinically Effective Japanese Acupuncture

Two-Day Special Topics Seminar | TWOMNSS 2019 – Presented by Tsuyoshi Shimamura

Hands-on: 50% | Lecture & Demonstration 50%

This is an essential seminar for improving your clinical results using clinically effective Japanese Acupuncture diagnostics and treatment techniques.

Shimamura Sensei will teach and demonstrate a variety of diagnostics, acupuncture techniques & patient recommendations specific to the methods learned during his apprenticeship with the late Master Nagano, and 20+ years of clinical experience.

Hands-on, Lecture and demonstration will focus on treating constitutionally, as well as specific focus areas and peculiar treatment methods based on a variety of presenting conditions.

Topics to be covered include Constitutional Treatment:

  • The importance of correct constitutional treatment through correct diagnosis in order to achieve out- standing clinical results in all patients.
  • Model of the “Tree of Life”: Shimamura Sensei will explain his acupuncture theoretical model to frame his clinical experience and explain constitutional treatment principles.
  • Using palpation techniques to accurately diagnose, to inform constitutional treatment.
  • How to apply Stomach Qi treatment and Kidney treatment based on the constitutional presentation of patients.
  • Treating the Diaphragm: A Master Balancing Method for the body- Diagnosis + Treatment of this poorly understood but vitally important area of the body.
  • Demonstration of how to apply Specific Stomach Qi treatment: St Qi Line + CV 12 (Needling + Manual Technique).
  • Order of treatment: Stomach Qi > Kidney Qi > Liver Blood > Water
  • Central Theme: Strengthen the Foundational Qi, Prenatal Qi and Postnatal Qi.

Condition Specific Treatment:

  • Which treatment principles/approaches and point selections may be used for specific health issues and their differing presentations.
  • Unique Point combinations from Master Nagano’s clinical experience.
  • Immune Essentials- Unique treatment methodologies and point selections.
  • Balancing the Autonomic Nervous System
  • Special Focus Areas of Sydney Seminar:

Conditions/Injuries relating to Motor Vehicle Accidents, Sports Injuries, falls, impact injuries and trauma.

  • Special Focus Areas of Auckland Seminar:

Insomnia, Anxiety, Menopausal Mood Disorders, Psycho-emotional Disorders

Other Techniques:

  • Diagnostic and needling techniques that are quick to learn and easy to implement instantly in clinic.
  • Acupuncture Techniques of contact needling and insertion techniques.
  • Application of Moxa
  •  Palpation: Abdomen, Legs & more
  • Tongue diagnosis

Attendees will be given the unique opportunity of learning foundations of treatment and diagnostic methods, and importantly the order of how Shimamura Sensei treats a large variety of conditions, which is seldom taught in Acupuncture today.

This seminar is restricted to Acupuncture Practitioners and Students

Sydney Venue:

Studio Blueprint:
11 Randle Street (Level 4), Surry Hills, NSW 2010, Australia


Auckland Venue:

New Zealand School of Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine:

382c Manukau Rd, Epsom 1023 (Auckland), New Zealand



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